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At Max Appliance Repair, we offer same-day repair services in Concord, for all major appliances – washers, dryers, stoves, ovens, fridges, freezers and dishwashers – of all makes and models. Our expert technicians have years of experience working with various brands, including Admiral, Bosch, Frigidaire, GE, KitchenAid, LG, Miele, Samsung, and Whirlpool.

We are devoted to offering each of our Concord clients professionaltimely, and affordable services because we understand how crucial functioning appliances are and we are here for you!

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Max Appliance Repair is a family-owned company, dedicated to fixing your appliances, through a simple, stress-free process. We understand the feeling of being weighed down by researching and scheduling repairs. Over the years, we have formed an incredible team to take care of all the work for you.

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    What Makes Us Different from Other Appliance Repair Companies in Concord?

    Concord, Ontario is a cozy neighborhood just north of Toronto offering plenty of attractions and activities for the whole family. Here, you can explore its numerous recreational centers, take in some art galleries, take a stroll through its beautiful parks, or enjoy the vibrant nightlife. When you’re ready to have your appliance repaired, give us a call and we’ll send our Concord technicians to you right away!

    Our technicians are the best experts in Concord – you can trust them to get the job done RIGHT! While your appliance is being repaired by our technicians, feel free to grab a quick coffee! We look forward to helping you with your appliance. Give our Concord repair technicians a call today!

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    We Offer Appliance Installation As Well!

    At Max Appliance Repair, we also take care of major appliance installation. The installation process for some appliances can be very tedious. If you are looking for an expert to help you install your bulky fridge, or hook-up all the wiring and hoses for your dishwasher, we can help.
    • Stove Installation and Hookup
    • Oven Installation and Hookup
    • Washer Hookup
    • Dryer Hookup and Service
    • Dishwasher Hookup
    • Fridge / Freezer Repair Installation and Water Filter Hookup
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    General Frequently Asked Questions

    To make your appointment runs smoothly, you can:
    • create a clear, safe working space for our technicians
    • keep tabs on young children and/or pets in order to maintain a safe working area
    • clear some time in your schedule surrounding your appointment to allow time for delays or extra repair time.
    Yes, all of our technicians are properly certified and insured. For more information about us visit this page.
    The cost will depend on the appliance and the specific repair that needs to be done. Factors such as the time and parts required will be included in the final cost. Our technicians will provide you with an estimate once they diagnose the problem.
    Yes, our warranty covers up to 3 months for most of our parts and services. Please note that the warranty may vary depending on the repair, part and brand – our technicians will share more information as soon as they complete your diagnosis.
    This depends on a number of factors, such as how long you’ve had the appliance, how complex the fix is, and how much the repair would cost - that depends on the part cost usually. If you are unsure how to proceed, give us a call and our experts would be happy to guide you.
    We are unable to install parts that we did not source ourselves. We source our own parts to ensure they are of good quality and match your appliance. We also would not be able to offer a warranty on any parts we did not supply.
    That depends on the type of appliance repair job you're attempting. Generally, if you're just replacing a small part, the process may only take a few minutes, more complex repairs may take much longer—anywhere from several hours to an entire day.

    FAQ For Stove Repair

    Our stove repair experts in Concord are highly qualified in performing stove repairs related to coils, burners, ignition switches, and more. With years of experience, we are able to diagnose and fix a wide range of issues to get your stove working again as quickly as possible.
    Possible reasons for an electric stove not adjusting its heat include a faulty burner switch, broken temperature sensor or thermostat, faulty wiring or other electrical components.
    Unfortunately if your glass cooktop cracked, it’s impossible to fix the crack and you will need to replace the entire glass top unit. The cost of replacing a glass stove top depends on the make and model of your stove and availability of the glass top. This repair typically takes about 1-2 hours in total and could range anywhere from $250 - $500 (only for the part) and more for some high end models. These fees do not include labour cost.
    If your stove is giving off a burning smell, this could be caused by several potential issues. Most of the time causes include food debris in the burner pans, a faulty igniter, an accumulation of grease and grime, or a broken burner part. It is important to quickly diagnose and address the problem as it can create additional hazardous situations if not corrected. Please give us a call to further assist you.
    If your stove isn’t turning on, try unplugging it and waiting several minutes before plugging it back in. If it still doesn’t work, give our technicians a call so they can take a more thorough look.
    A faulty surface element could be caused by a number of issues such as:
    • loose/faulty wire connection
    • broken/damaged element switch
    • burned out surface element

    FAQ For Oven Repair

    Our experts are trained to repair oven igniters, temperature sensors, oven doors, and lightbulbs, in addition to a number of other oven-related parts. Your satisfaction is our top priority - we guarantee timely assistance and quality oven repair service.
    If your oven won't turn on, there are a few possible causes. First, check to make sure it is plugged in properly and that the outlet has power (yes, we get that a lot). If it still doesn’t work, give us a call. We would likely need to inspect the circuit breaker, fuse, and control panel to diagnose the source of the problem.
    A burning plastic smell from a new oven can be caused by various factors, including an electrical short, loose wiring, or damage to the heating element. If the burning smell persists after troubleshooting, contact our team or the manufacturer as soon as possible and avoid using the oven, in case of potential safety risks.
    Unfortunately that happens a lot. Our technicians will likely need to remove the door from the hinges to further inspect it. The hinges, springs, gasket, or latch might need to be repaired or replaced.
    In most cases, this is an easy fix. You would simply need to replace the lightbulb (a special one that is safe for ovens). If it still doesn’t turn on, there could be an issue with the wiring break or the switch that turns the light on/off, which would require professionals to be repaired.
    There are a number of things that could be responsible. The most common components that could be causing this are the igniter, the heating element, or the temperature sensor. Contact us if you would like to set up an appointment to have this looked after.

    FAQ For Washer Repair

    Our Concord technicians offer same-day washer repair. We take care of small-scale to large-scale washer repairs, including leaks, motor problems, faulty pumps, and electronic faults. If you are facing any of these problems, give us a call to have your washer looked after.
    This is probably the most common issue we hear about. If your washer is leaking, you'll want to first check for any visible signs of damage or blockage. Check the water hoses and valve connections first for potential leaks by making sure they are tightened properly. You should also make sure that the drain hose is securely attached and free from clogs. If you covered the basics and it doesn't’ help, give us a call and our team will be able to help.
    First let's start with the fact that it’s rare that we need to replace the motor in your washer. Our technicians can open the washer and inspect it - they will be able to tell you if it needs to be replaced or repaired.
    If your washer isn't agitating, it could be due to a broken belt, clutches, or motor. Our technicians will inspect the belt for any signs of damage or wear and check the clutch for proper operation. Additionally, they will check that there are no blockages in the drain hose or pump assembly which could prevent the agitator from working correctly.
    If water is overflowing from your washer during a cycle, the most likely cause is a blockage in the drain hose or pump assembly preventing proper drainage. Check these components for any clogs and clear them out if necessary. Also, check the filter screen at the back or front of the washer (depending on the model) for any debris that could be causing an obstruction.
    If you notice your washer is making loud/different noises than usual, it is possible some debris got added to the wash that shouldn’t be in there, most of the times it’s coins that people forget in their pockets. This can be prevented by checking your clothing pockets before tossing them in the machine. If this is not the case, there is likely an issue with the drum, whether it be loose or broken.
    This could also be a result of unintended debris making its way into the wash (the most annoying one is tissue papers). Perhaps you are not putting enough washer detergent in? Or they could be ripped depending on what you are washing - consider using a washer basket, for example this one.
    If your washer is not draining completely, it could be due to a clogged drain tube. Make sure that the drain tube is clear of any lint or debris and securely connected to the drain outlet. Additionally, check that the hose and valve connections are properly installed and free from leaks. Our technicians can ensure that the pump and motor are working properly by testing their voltage output and much more, so give us a call.

    FAQ For Dryer Repair

    We provide quick and stress-free repair services across Concord. If your dryer won’t turn on or is failing to regulate its temperature, we can help you fix it. We have experience repairing a range of dryer issues and can help you get your dryer working as soon as possible.
    A clogged lint filter or vent, a defective thermostat or cycling thermostat, and an overfilled drum are all potential causes of excessive heat in a dryer. It is also important to regularly clean the lint out of your lint trap (AFTER EACH USE), as this could create a range of problems from excessive heat to fire hazards.
    Make sure the power cord is securely connected, check if the door is firmly shut - these are the 2 basics. If you think the problem requires professional attention, give us a call - we’d be happy to take a look.
    There could be several causes for why your dryer isn't spinning. It could be due to something as simple as a clogged lint filter (some dryers won’t start if it’s too blocked), or it could indicate a more complex problem such as a worn out belt or motor issue. Get in touch with our experienced repair technicians to have them diagnose the source of the issue and provide an accurate solution.
    A rattling noise coming from your dryer could be caused by an obstruction in the drum, a worn-out belt, or loose parts inside. It’s best to have a technician come out and assess the issue in order to pinpoint the source of the problem and provide an accurate solution.
    It is quite possible you have a faulty thermal fuse (super popular by they way). This could be caused by a machine overload which has a few potential causes, including blocked ventilation or clogged lint screens.
    This could be caused by a build-up of lint in your dryer’s lint trap. It is important to remember to clean out the lint as often as possible (ideally after each load). If lint builds up, it could significantly reduce or prevent airflow. This means your dryer needs to work harder for longer periods of time to dry the clothes. Not to mention, this also leads to overheating and a potential dryer fire.

    FAQ For Dishwasher Repair

    Our skilled dishwasher repair technicians in Concord have the expertise to diagnose and repair anything from clogged filters to more serious malfunctions, such as thermostats and motor issues. Regardless of the make and model of your dishwasher, our team can help get it up and running again in no time.
    If your dishwasher isn’t draining properly, it could be due to a few different causes. The first thing to check is if the drain hose is kinked or blocked. You may also need to clean the filter and impeller. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you might have a faulty float switch or pump motor that needs to be replaced by an experienced technician.
    Ensure that all vents/filters are free from debris, and empty out any leftover food particles before starting a new cycle. Check if your rinse aid reservoir is full, and increase drying time by selecting the "heated dry" setting depending on your model. Also you may want to try a different cycle.
    Dishwasher descaling is the process of removing mineral deposits, such as lime and calcium build-up, from the interior and exterior parts of a dishwasher. Descalers help eliminate residues that can interfere with the dishwashing process and cause cloudy dishes or poor cleaning results. It is recommended to descale your machine every 6 months or so using special cleaners formulated for this purpose. (some dishwashers don’t require that, check your dishwasher manufacturer recommendations)
    The leading cause is typically grease or blockages in parts of the appliance. To fix this, remove the dishes from your appliance and give your dishwasher a very thorough clean. Try running it empty with a few glasses full of vinegar (sometimes that helps) If this does not work, also check if the spray arms need to be adjusted or cleaned. If the problem continues, give our experts a call so we can do a more in-depth evaluation for you.
    This is likely because of an issue with your power source. You can try to disconnect the dishwasher, wait several minutes, and reconnect. If it still doesn’t work, you may have blown a fuse. You can check this by evaluating the circuit breaker. Give us a call if your dishwasher still doesn’t turn on - we are here for you.
    Your dishwasher could have a loose or faulty part. You can start by checking this yourself. Take a look at the spray arms, bearing rings, or any other parts that could have been knocked loose. If you cannot find anything, you may need to call our technicians to take a closer look at other components inside the machine.

    FAQ For Fridge Repair

    Whether you're having difficulty controlling the temperature, you have strange noises coming from your freezer, or your fridge is dripping water, we can help you address these problems right away. Our experienced technicians are capable of troubleshooting even the most complex refrigerator repairs, and we offer same-day services across Concord for your convenience.
    The most common cause of a fridge not cooling correctly is usually due to either a faulty compressor or evaporator fan motor. If the compressor has failed, it will need to be replaced; if the evaporator fan motor has burned out, it may just need to be replaced or re-wired.
    This could indicate that the door seal is worn out or damaged and not sealing properly which allows warm air in and causes condensation build up; inspect and replace if necessary.
    Check the hinges to make sure they are aligned properly, adjust the tension on the door, clean out any debris that might be caught in rubber seals around the door, and inspect the rubber seal itself for cracks or tears which can prevent it from closing tightly.
    The main cause of a noisy refrigerator is the compressor, which can be loud when it starts up and runs. Other causes of noise could include a build-up of dust on the coils and/or blades, worn fan or motor bearings, loose screws, and other internal components.
    If you are noticing a burning smell coming from your refrigerator, this could be an indication of several potential issues. These include faulty electronic components or wiring, a clogged condenser coil, improper alignment of internal components, or even a malfunctioning motor. It is recommended to call a professional technician right away to check out your appliance and make sure the issue is resolved before it causes further damage.
    A blown fuse in your refrigerator could be caused by several different things, such as a short circuit, a faulty electrical connection, or too much current running through the system. It is best to have a professional technician come take a look and identify the exact cause so that the problem can be resolved quickly and properly.
    This is one of the most common issues we get calls about.This is most likely caused by a blocked defrost drain, which can be the result of food or other debris. This can be cleared out by pouring warm water into the freezer drain hose to flush it out. If this does not work, it may also mean you have a clogged or frozen water supply line. This problem is more complex and likely requires a professional to fix it. You would need to disconnect the appliance and examine the water supply line, in which case it may need to be replaced.

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