Repairing a Samsung Over-the-Range Microwave

When repairing this Samsung over-the-range microwave, Max Appliance Repair identified a malfunctioning magnetron assembly as the cause of the unresponsiveness and inability to heat food. We replaced the magnetron assembly with a new part directly from Samsung’s manufacturer to repair this Samsung over-the-range microwave successfully.

The magnetron assembly is a crucial component in microwaves that produces high-frequency radio waves that heat food. It consists of a magnet and two electrodes that generate radio waves. The assembly also contains additional components, such as a voltage regulator, filament transformer, and waveguide, which help control and direct the radio waves.

Our Over-The-Range Microwave Repair in Pictures

With our extensive range of replacement parts and experienced technicians, we can quickly diagnose any over-the-range microwave issue. We offer complete oven repair services for a wide range of makes and models, from faulty magnetron assemblies to malfunctioning thermostats and more.For quality service, you can count on, contact us or call us today at (647) 477-0946.

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    Repairing an Over the Range Microwave